Thoughts on Hawaii Aquarium Fishing Ban & Visions of the Future for Our Reefing Hobby

Many hobbyists see Hawaii’s recent decisions regulating ornamental fish collection as a step backward but is it? Could it be a sign of progress and what our oceans need to remain viable for generations to come? What do YOU think?

Ryan and Randy sit down to share their thoughts on Hawaii’s DLNR decision to increase the requirements for commercial fishing licenses for aquarium purposes. Our hosts not only project their own feelings but raise some questions about what the future looks like for the reef aquarium industry as it pertains to wild fish collection.

Naturally, we also look at the current state of captive breeding saltwater fish and some of the great companies that are focused on growing the footprint of captive-bred fish and captive-cultured corals in our reef tanks.

Recorded LIVE 3/4/21 on the BRStv YouTube Channel

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