Kalkwasser Secrets, Mistakes, and Fails. Start Using Kalk the Smart Way!

Maintaining saltwater tank parameters is pretty easy with 2 part dosing or calcium reactors, but what ever happened to Kalkwasser? We actually think Kalkwasser is underutilized in our hobby, and because of that, Ryan and Randy share their Top 20 secrets, mistakes, and fails using Kalkwasser that you NEED to avoid.

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Setting up a Reef Tank in a Weekend: How We “Insta-Tanked” a Red Sea 3XL 900

It’s true! Jen and the team took this tank from empty to full blow REEF TANK in one weekend! How is it going a month later? What did we do to get it insta-tanked? Ryan & Jen discuss what it means to insta-tank and how to do it yourself.

Recorded LIVE on the BRStv YouTube channel on 5/27/21

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