Lessons From a Wild Reef That Apply to Your Aquarium! 52SE | Special Guest Joe Caparatta

Ryan invites special guest Joe Caparatta of Unique Corals and Manhattan Aquariums into the BRStv Studio! Today, they’re diving deep, and discussing what we can learn from natural reefs, and how we can better apply it to our home reef tanks..

Watch on YouTube here ➡ https://youtu.be/FxeNMzfglQk

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What’s Scarier Than Indonesia and Fiji Shutting Down?

This Week in Reefing: Ryan and Randy discuss what the saltwater aquarium hobby might look like if the top coral harvesting locations were to shut down. Could the reef keeping hobby survive? Could we be self sufficient? Is there something we could do to help reduce the possibility of losing wild coral collection?

Recorded Live on the BRStv YouTube Channel on 10/7/2021

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MACNA TALK: Dr. Ben Titus: Are we keeping cryptic undescribed species in our saltwater tanks?

Dr. Ben Titus is an evolutionary biologist and postdoctoral research fellow at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. His research is focused on the evolution and species discovery of ornamental marine invertebrates, especially those that engage in symbiotic relationships with tropical sea anemones. Ben conducts an active research program in all tropical oceans, and has led dozens of international research trips to tropical locals such as the Maldives, French Polynesia, Cuba, and Red Sea.

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MACNA TALK: Richard Ross: How can reef aquarium hobbyists help to spawn coral in their tanks?

Richard Ross, cephalopod and coral spawning expert, gives an intro to coral spawning in aquaria and what you can do. While you may not be able to go on expeditions visiting reefs around the world, there are still things that you can do in your home aquarium to spawn corals!

If you’re looking for an incredibly fun and rewarding extension of the reefing hobby, this 2019 MACNA talk will get you thinking.

Go back and check out the full MACNA Talks 2019 playlist HERE on our YouTube channel!

Neptune Sky LED: First impressions and why Ryan put them on his reef tank

It’s true, we’ve had our hands on the Neptune Sky LEDs for a while now and have even installed them on the 3XL 900! Now we are prepped to talk about our first hand experiences and why Ryan chose them for his 360 Dream Tank at home.

Check out the SKY on the BRS website!

Recorded LIVE on the BRStv YouTube channel on 6/3/21

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Master Nutrients: Nitrate, Phosphate and Reef Aquariums

Ryan demystifies the role of Nitrates and Phosphates in our reef tanks. From the symbiotic relationship of coral & zooxanthellae algae to understanding the differences in water chemistry between our tanks and the natural ocean.

Our host shares his beliefs and knowledge in a completely new light to change the way you think about nutrients and nutrition in a reef aquarium. Follow along to master your understanding of nitrates & phosphates and you just might change the trajectory of your reef tank forever.

Watch Video: Master Nutrients: Nitrate, Phosphate and Reef Aquariums on YouTube.
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