MACNA TALK: Dr. Chad Callan: Using captive bred aquacultured to reduce pressure on the wild

Dr. Chad Callan is the Director of the Finfish Research Program at Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University (OI). OI has been a world leader in the development of applied aquaculture technologies for both marine fish and shrimp for over 50 years.

He has been at OI for over 14 years and has researched the culture of numerous marine fish species ranging from Mullet, Jacks, Rabbitfish and Groupers as well as ornamental species such as Dwarf Angelfish and Yellow Tang. In 2015, his lab at OI was the first to successfully culture the Yellow Tang, which is the most commercially important reef species in that region. His lab continues to refine the culture processes for this, and many other, marine species in aims to provide additional sustainable alternatives to their wild collection.

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MACNA TALK: Tamara Marshall: Scientific based tips and techniques for at home breeders

Tamara currently serves as the Director of Live Feeds at the Dallas World Aquarium. She entered the field of Live Feeds in 2002 beginning with her initial focus on Live Feeds and Larval Culture. Her expertise includes all key facets of the aquarium industry with experience in both retail and research arenas. She has extensive experience in the fields of coral propagation, live feeds and she has successfully bred demersal and pelagic spawners as well as invertebrates.

Tamara attained her Aquaculture and Fish Health Graduate certificate from the University of Florida in 2017. Her 2016 collaboration with the United States Geological Survey on breeding French Grunts enabled the USGS to expand their research on this species. She has instructed over 70 classes and workshops for beginner to advanced hobbyists on a wide array of saltwater classes.

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