This Week in Reefing – Phosphate Factories, Crappy PAR Meters, and Why Air Sucks!

This Week, Ryan & Randy answer the unanswered questions from recent BRStv Investigates tests. Find out the untold story of calcium reactor media, how reef tank lighting manufacturers have been shooting themselves in the feet, and which tool is the best for measuring PAR…plus a whole lot more!

Recorded Live on the BRStv YouTube Channel on 9/16/2021

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16 Years of Metal Halide, T5 & LED Reef Tank Lighting – What Does It Take to Grow SPS & LPS Corals?

There’s been a HUGE swing in understanding reef tank lighting over the past 16-years! We’ve gone from plug and play Metal Halides & T5s to nearly unlimited control with LEDs. Ryan and Randy reflect upon that journey and what has led us to where we are today with a vast catalog of BRStv videos specifically focused on reef tank lighting.