MACNA TALK: Dr. Ben Titus: Are we keeping cryptic undescribed species in our saltwater tanks?

Dr. Ben Titus is an evolutionary biologist and postdoctoral research fellow at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. His research is focused on the evolution and species discovery of ornamental marine invertebrates, especially those that engage in symbiotic relationships with tropical sea anemones. Ben conducts an active research program in all tropical oceans, and has led dozens of international research trips to tropical locals such as the Maldives, French Polynesia, Cuba, and Red Sea.

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BRStv 2021 and Beyond – Looking at Where We’ve Been to Find Out Where We Are Going

From Ryan in his basement back in 2008 to Ryan, Randy, Thomas, and Jen putting out 10 videos per week….this is where BRStv has been and a look into what the future has in store over the next 10 years!

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Recorded LIVE on the BRStv YouTube channel on 7/15/21

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MACNA TALK: Dr. Tim Hovanec: How to harness bacteria to cycle your saltwater tank quickly!

Dr. Tim Hovanec, founder of Dr. Tim’s aquatics, shares some of his insights into the microbial communities in our reefs as he talks about secrets to quickly cycling our reef aquariums.

Whether you’re just getting into the hobby, or a seasoned veteran, just about anyone can learn something from this MACNA talk from 2019.

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Want to Run Ozone on Your Reef Tank? Avoid these Ozone mistakes

Saltwater aquarium ozone generators can make a HUGE difference in water clarity, quality and STENCH! If you’re considering an ozone generator you need to check out this list of Top Ozone Mistakes first. This isn’t our first rodeo when it comes to Reefing Mistakes. Look at all the ways we failed, below!

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